Options on how we can work together

Grabull Market Place

We bring new customers and increase sales for your business through Grabull app and marketing ads. You will have option for Grabull Drive Drivers or self delivery, but only for orders which come from Grabull app.

  • No Startup fee, No contract
  • GMP Plan 1 - Commission 5% Pickup, 7% Delivery Plus Driver $2.50 Per 3 Mile & $1.50 Per Mile after
  • GMP Plan 2 - Commission 5% Pickup, 15% Delivery Plus Driver $2.00 Per 3 Mile & $1.00 Per Mile after
  • Free Marketing Budget 2000$ Google ads annual
  • No Facebook Social Media Posts

Grabull Direct

Add online ordering to your website without Mentioning Grabull or If you cant access website we can help you get access or create a new website and update the same on Google my business to drive traffic on new upgraded site

  • 0 commission Model
  • Pay credit card processing 2.5%
  • Free website upgrade or New website
  • Free Social Media Posts Team
  • Google ads Budget 5000$ Annual
  • Free Review Reputation Management

This is why we are one stop solution for you

Google Social Media

We market your business and find more customers. Google Social Media

Google Social Media

You have own drivers and want to use ours occasionally.

Google Social Media

You want all 3rd party orders to print in one Printer and one Tablet Setup

Google Social Media

You want Drivers for getting orders delivered to customers who visit my website.

Google Social Media

You want someone to post regular facebook posts and manage Reviews Online

Google Social Media

You want dashboard to manage your reports , menu, Offers, rewards, all times settings and more

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Grabull Drive
Grabull Direct Grabull marketing